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St Timothy and St Moura were a married couple and a role model to lookup to when seeking marriage. They will be our intercessors within our youth community.

Hello All,

Welcome! Finally this is HERE! I would like to thank all of our developers who dedicated a lot of time to get this website to have all of these functionalities. Click on the “Help” link to get to know how to use this website. It is like a similar version of Facebook. Hope you all enjoy it.

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In order to activate your profile, you have to complete the registration by answering all the questions and upload a real photo of you. This website for serious youth who want to have Christ centered relationships. NO GAMES, NO HOOKUPS, NO PLAYING. If you are not serious, please don’t sign up and waste your time and others.

Improper Language is being monitored automatically. Whoever is using improper language, will be booted out automatically. DON’T DO IT. Let’s all have respect for each other.

There will be profile ratings. Scores below 2 stars will send red flags to the admins. Admins will verify these accounts for possible account termination

There will be a group chat which we all get to break the ice. This is one of the coolest features on this website.

There are many features, please click on the “Help” link to get to know how to use these many features.

Special THANKS to all of our Coptic youth developers who have spent a lot of time putting together all of these cool features.

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Hope you all enjoy it,

In Christ,